Skydive Jersey is disappointed to announce that we have had to cancel the planned Skydiving event in Guernsey scheduled for 26th-31st August 2021.

It remains a difficult year to plan any event with the ever changing rules.
We have reached a stage where it is not possible to obtain the required regulatory safety and compliance documentation required from Guernsey Ports, in time for our proposed dates.

Skydive Jersey has endeavoured to bring skydiving to you, but accepts the responsibility for not securing the permissions in the given time frame, under the current conditions.

Unfortunately with a little under two weeks to go, we have arrived at this conclusion.

We have produced a form for you to indicate your preferred option now, as many people will be affected by this decision, we hope to process all requests as soon as possible.

i) You may retain your booking or voucher for use in Jersey, anytime we are operating.
ii) You may retain your booking or voucher for a Guernsey 2022 Skydiving event. (Aug 2022).
iii) You may request a refund.

We do recognise that some jumps are for charity, given as gifts or just for personal use and once again regret having to come to this decision.
The indirect effects of Covid are still affecting many businesses and preventing smooth operations in many sectors.
We did try very hard to make this happen despite the changing travel, and Island of Guernsey entry requirements.

We would very much appreciate you keeping your booking secured for next year but are obliged to provide a refund, should you so request.

Please visit the simple online form to indicate your preference.

I am also available by email on should you require any written communications.

Mal Richardson.
Owner/Chief Instructor.