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The cost of a Tandem Skydive this year is £330 per person.
You can have your skydive filmed for an additional £130

You should select a date and make an online payment, or you can return a booking form, and include with it your deposit.
Yes. We can supply cash, or full payment vouchers, valid for 12 months, for your friend or family member to book with us at anytime throughout the year. These can be purchased via the online shop page, in person at the aero club or via telephone during afternoon, on 747410.
Tandem skydives can be filmed for a cost of £130 we produce a DVD of your event and include still photographs.
It is not safe or practical for you to attempt to film your own jump, therefore it is not permitted.
Yes. Many people choose to raise money for charity. Contact them directly to see how much of your sponsorship money you can use, to contribute towards the cost of the skydive. All Jersey Charities List
Our designated landing area is at the Gunsite slipway, in St. Aubin’s Bay.
We have to assess each case individually, but subject to your condition, and a doctors certificate, it may be possible.
Modern parachute equipment is now extremely reliable, however In the unlikely event that the main parachute fails to operate correctly, all equipment is fitted with an emergency backup parachute, which can then be deployed.
It should go without saying that making a parachute jump is not entirely without risk. However, the tight controls which are implemented to maintain safety at all BPA affiliated parachute centres, do so very effectively. You are required to sign an indemnity waiver, accepting the possible risks before you make your skydive.
You are covered by BPA 3rd party insurance whilst making your parachute jump. This covers any damage you may potentially do, to any other person or property during your skydive. Skydive personal accident insurance is available online, from various companies, which can be found with an internet search & includes options for individual jumps, or annual cover.
The medical form F115A details the fitness requirements. If you do not meet these, then a Doctors certificate F115B is required. View Medical Forms
16 with parental consent. There is no upper age limit, subject to a medical declaration.
92Kg, 200Lbs, or 14.5 stones. This is due to equipment limitations, your comfort and safety when landing.
The BPA govern British sport parachuting, they ensure that parachute centres operate with rules and regulations, and maintain a high standard of safety. All British parachute association instructors have attended stringent courses to gain qualifications, and the necessary skills.
Parachuting is constrained by weather, for reasons of safety. Wind speed must be less than 20 Knots for a Tandem Parachute Jump, and if there is complete cloud cover below our operating level, jumping may be suspended. Parachutes still operate normally in wet weather, but for your own comfort this is avoided.
We shall re-schedule you to the next available slot, you can be available.
Your Tandem jump is made from up to 10,000 feet, equivalent to 2 miles high. This gives approximately 30 seconds of freefall time, before the parachute is deployed, then a further 5 minutes descending under the parachute.

Skydive Jersey takes off from Jersey Aero Club.

Skydive Jersey
Jersey Aero Club

Avenue de La Reine Elizabeth II

Office Hours are:
Mon-Fri 1400-1800
Please only telephone between these hours

Tel. 747410 mobile 07797813944

Skydiving takes place most weekends.

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