Tandem Skydive

This is Jersey’s Highest, & Fastest Activity.
If you’ve done the rest, then it’s YOUR time to SKYDIVE.
Take a short training session, prior to boarding the aircraft with your instructor, climb 2 miles high in 20 minutes, up to 10,000Ft, taking in the panoramic views, seeing the Island like never before. Attached securely together, you will then exit the plane, experience the exhilaration of freefall, travelling at 130mph for 30 seconds, before your instructor then deploys the parachute 1 mile high, for the 5 minute parachute ride then follows, taking in the sights, before landing on the beach by the Gun Site slipway in St Aubins Bay.
Experience your ride of emotions right here, above this fantastic location, at one of the world’s only beach landing drop zones ! Want to know more?

0 seconds
Of 120 Mph Free Fall


Tandem Parachute Jump Only

If you like the idea of jumping tandem out of a plane, and enjoying the parachute ride, but have no desire to reach 120mph in Free fall, then this option is for you.
After a thorough ground briefing session, board the aircraft for a 15 minute flight, to see the Island from no other viewpoint like this.
Then prepare, and Jump from the aircraft flying 1 mile high, safely attached to an instructor, for a short drop, before enjoying the 6 minute parachute ride, taking in the surrounding views, and tranquil flight of flying a silent canopy.
Gift vouchers available, with the option of upgrading to Free fall, if desired.

Solo Parachute Jump

No previous experience required. For a more personal challenge, take on a Solo parachute jump from 3,200ft, with automatic chute deployment. During a full day of ground training, you will learn all the aspects of making a jump safely & by day two, be fully confident and equipped to do it on your own. Overcoming leaping from the aircraft, your parachute is attached to the aeroplane via a cord called the static line. This initiates the deployment of your main parachute as you fall away from the aircraft. You are on your own, but fully trained to ‘Check your canopy’, ‘Take control’ of the parachute and ‘Steer yourself’ back to the beach landing area, to land.
Join an existing group, or form your own, with up to 6 people in a class. Develop your skills, and conquer your fears in an interesting and exciting adventure activity, available all year round. (Jersey only).


Tandem Parachute Jump


  • Jump from 1 mile high
  • Attached to an instructor
  • No Previous Experience required
  • Short safety briefing
  • 15 minute aircraft flight
  • 5 seconds free fall
  • 6 minute parachute ride
  • No High Speed Terminal velocity
  • Not Solo
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Solo Parachute Jump


  • Jump from 3,200ft
  • Jump on your own
  • No Previous Experience required
  • Full day of ground school theory
  • 15 minute aircraft flight
  • Steer and land your own parachute
  • No Free fall
  • Max Age 55 years old
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Which ever experience you choose, Skydive Jersey offers the most t exciting activity on the Island, at one of the most exclusive parachute drop zones in the world. The beach landing area, is the only regular beach parachute landing area worldwide. You can be sure of professionally qualified British instructors, and the very latest parachute equipment, will ensure your skydive is as safe as possible.